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We’re transforming north-south travel through London. When the Thameslink Programme completes in 2018, journeys will be improved, with new spacious trains every two to three minutes through central London at peak times. Improved connections will give you better travel options to more destinations than ever before and modern track and trains will make your journeys more reliable. The £6.5bn government-sponsored Thameslink Programme also includes the rebuild of London Bridge station to create more space, with great facilities, making it easier to use.


The Thameslink Programme is funded by the government through the Department for Transport (DfT). Future train service patterns and operators will be determined by the DfT following a re-franchising process which is currently planned to take place in 2013.





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Station, track and signalling works will be carried out by Network Rail working closely with Southeastern, Southern and Thameslink (formerly First Capital Connect) to minimise disruption to passengers. Thameslink (formerly First Capital Connect) will manage the introduction of the new train fleet and depots as well as the transition to new automatic train operating systems in central London and the new link to the East Coast Mainline.

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