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What’s happening now?

Since May 2013, we’ve been closing the platforms in phases as they are demolished and rebuilt. New platforms 7 to 15, two-thirds of your new street-level concourse and new entrances on St Thomas Street are now open. Platforms 1 to 6 are currently closed for redevelopment, with the next new platforms scheduled to open in August 2017.

To see how the station looks now, please see the latest station map.

With the opening of the new street-level concourse, the way you move around the station has changed. This map shows your new walking routes for peak hours and all hours.


And we’re not finished yet

In 2018, passengers at London Bridge will benefit from:

  • A completely rebuilt station with a huge new concourse
  • Better links to the tube station and buses
  • All 15 new platforms open and operational
  • A fully accessible train station
  • Reduced delays to services to and through the station as a result of untangling the tracks
  • More reliable, more frequent journeys through London
  • Many more shops and cafes.

Find out more about the new London Bridge station.

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