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New timetables are being introduced from Sunday 20 May. They are the biggest timetable changes for a generation and part of wider changes to timetables across the south east.

The timetable changes are bringing more trains on many routes. They are also introducing new routes and bringing direct trains between new destinations.

The resulting changes to train times will affect the whole network. This includes Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern, Gatwick Express and Southeastern trains.

Make time to check how your journey will change.

New Thameslink route: May 2018 to December 2019


Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express

A new timetable will be in operation on all routes from Sunday 20 May. As a result, the times of every train will change.

New timetables and information about each route are published on the RailPlan20/20 website


A new timetable will also be in operation from Sunday 20 May, with major changes to train times.

The new timetables, and a station-by-station guide to the most significant changes, are published on the Southeastern website

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