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Artist's impression of the new Bermondsey dive-under

Artist’s impression of the new Bermondsey dive-under

The Thameslink Programme is untangling the track on the approaches to London Bridge station to reduce the time trains wait for platforms to clear and cut delays. To achieve this, new track and infrastructure is being added, including a major new section of railway called Bermondsey Dive Under.

The dive under, on the eastern approach to London Bridge station, will allow the Thameslink lines to cross the Kent lines unimpeded on their approach to London Bridge station.

This will help increase the number of trains which can serve London Bridge.
The dive under will be formed by a series of new structures constructed along the line of existing operational railway viaducts, reusing existing structures wherever possible to reduce disruption and waste.

The Dive Under was commissioned into use on the 27 December 2016, with the first passenger service running through it on the 3 January 2017.

From 2018, the new junction will allow Southeastern trains travelling from Kent to ‘dive under’ the Sussex lines used by Southern and Thameslink trains, relieving the bottleneck of trains and improving the travel experience for millions of passengers travelling to and through the landmark new station.



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