Luton Station Bridge Lift

In order to extend Luton station’s platforms for the new 12-car Class 700 trains, major work was required on three bridge decks.

The core requirement at Luton station was to extend the Thameslink Platforms to facilitate the introduction of the new 12-car Class 700 rolling stock; however, this required major modifications to the bridges, track, signalling and the 25kV traction overhead line equipment.

The works at Luton in the video below were delivered to complete the remodelling of Luton station (at the country end) as part of Key Output 1. The bridge was replaced during the Easter possession of 2010 and marked the third and final stage of the project.

Key challenge

The only way to achieve the renewal of the three decks in the time available, concurrent with the majority of the railway systems alterations, was to build the decks in a prefabrication area adjacent to the station and then use special lifting trucks to access the bridge via the road; lifting out the old bridge and then lifting in the new.


This was a technique rarely used by Network Rail previously.

It was a complete success and the whole of the infrastructure was returned to service on time with no delays.