Construction Design Management at London Bridge Station Redvelopment

A look at how CDM Regulations were upheld on the London Bridge project

Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015

What is CDM 2015 all about?

  • CDM 2015 applies to all construction work.
  • The regulations set out the requirements for managing health and safety on construction projects
  • A project is more than a construction site.

How was CDM applied at London Bridge Station Redevelopment (LBSR)?

  • Duty Holders Appointed
    – Client (Network Rail)
    – Principal Designer (Costain Limited)
    – Principal Contractor (Costain Limited)

  • CDM plan put in place
    Evidence of how the Duty Holder’s Representatives fulfil their roles and responsibilities as stipulated under – Construction Design Management Regulations.

  • Construction Phase Plan (CPP) put in place
    The CPP records arrangements for managing significant health and safety risks associated with the construction of the project. It is the basis for communicating the arrangements to those involved in the construction phase.

CDM was upheld at LBSR using the following methods:

  • Period Safety Cascades
  • Close Call initiative (Near misses reporting)
  • Time 2 Talk initiatives which were safety conversations within/between teams
    (This was a way of encouraging managers to engage with their workforce about health & safety and was analysed weekly)
  • Training and supervision
  • Safety competence training (Site and staff)
  • Safety reporting tools to maintain health & safety
  • Robust permit system in place
  • Interface management weekly focus to maintain CDM.

Health & safety monitoring examples at London Bridge Station Redevelopment (LBSR)

Please view the documents below which give examples of a typical period summary and lessons learned.

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