Design & Execution

Transforming London Bridge station including: Concourse & Bridges, Canopies & Platforms, Facades, Quadripartite Arcade and Arches.

The redevelopment has completely transformed London Bridge station. A concourse has been created at street level that connects all the platforms via lifts, stairs and escalators, making the station fully accessible for the first time.

All the platforms have been realigned, providing additional tracks for through trains and allowing a full Thameslink service to operate at peak times. The platforms were widened to cater safely for expected growth in passenger numbers, and new escape stairs were provided at the east end of the station. Full-length steel canopies provided weather protection and also allowed daylight to penetrate to the concourse.

The rail tracks were carried across the concourse on steel bridges, supported on visual concrete columns. New facades in steel and precast concrete were provided for the new street level station entrances.

Away from the central area, the tracks were supported on the original 19th century brick arches; a new continuous concrete slab solved water penetration problems and allowed the arches to be used for plant rooms and retail. An arcade of two-way spanning “quadripartite” arches was extended with a new concrete structure, formed to match the original profile.

In this interview, Will Nurse, Project Engineer talks us through the challenges of coordinating the architecture, design and pedestrian flow.

The construction sequence was planned carefully so as to maintain passenger services throughout. Starting on the south side, three platforms were closed. This left six terminating tracks – the number required for the final configuration – and six through tracks. Two new tracks were built on the south side of the station and the next two existing tracks were closed. This pattern was repeated until all the tracks had been renewed.

Case Studies

Design & Execution Strategy

This case study reviews the design and execution strategy for: Concourse & Bridges, Canopies & Platforms, Facades, Quadripartite Arcade and Arches.

Project: London Bridge

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Structural Steel Award 2018

Project: London Bridge

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