Train Operating Companies – Staff Engagement

Improving the planning, management and delivery of infrastructure projects through engaging fully with staff

Recommendations for future projects to improve the planning, management and delivery of infrastructure projects through engaging fully with staff right through from early stages to post implementation

Listening to, consulting and involving staff throughout the programme contributed towards a high level of ownership for the changes and when it came to issues a positive and constructive attitude to identifying resolutions.

Staff engagement – internal staff consultation, communications and involvement for those directly and indirectly impacted included:

  • Representation on project groups
  • Requests to develop and review communications material
  • Introducing Thameslink Champions (representatives from across the business)
  • Roadshows
  • Staff briefs
  • Professional staff handbooks (see attached case study for images)
  • Staff quizzes with prizes
  • Visits from MD, Directors and Senior Managers
  • Providing an easy method to pass back feedback to the project team.
  1. Key challenges

  • Making changes while the 4th busiest London station maintained the required train service.
  • Scheduling time with the appropriate resource to ensure thorough reviews of material produced, often late in the day.
  • Enabling operational staff to attend briefings and training.
  • Motivating staff in preparation for changes.
  1. Recommendations for future projects

The following recommendations, based on the direct experiences of the Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies involved, will result in a more operationally focussed delivery of infrastructure changes:

  • Identify all areas where employees can contribute
  • Schedule-in time on a regular basis – if not needed it can be cancelled; over plan rather than under plan
  • Think of ideas to motivate and involve – e.g. staff quizzes with prizes
  • Early consultation and continual checking with parties involved in any changes
  • Create a sense of ownership and pride in doing a good job.