Flooring insulation system

Innovative insulated flooring system retained a level access for retail units

Some of the retail units constructed on the lower concourse were situated directly above un-insulated platform space and as such, specifiers required an insulation solution which could provide the required thermal performance in a slim thickness — avoiding the need for a step-up from the outer concourse.

The Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System was installed as part of the redevelopment of London Bridge station and was specified in two retail units due to its optimal thermal performance. This allowed the floor construction depth to be minimised, providing an even transition for shoppers entering from the concourse. With an insulation performance up to five times that of commonly used insulation materials, Kingspan OPTIM-R vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) provided a clear solution.

Kingspan’s panels have a micro-porous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope. With this design, the panels achieve a declared thermal conductivity of 0.007 W/m.K. The VIPs were installed as part of the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System. OPTIM-R flex infill strips of the same thickness were also supplied with each system to fill awkward gaps and to allow penetrations in the insulation layer.

The Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System was specified in a 25 mm thickness which was fitted above a 3 mm rubber crumb layer and then a screed overlay. Despite the slim build-up, the outstanding thermal performance of the OPTIM-R Panels ensured the units met their U-value target.

20 – 40 mm thick Kingspan OPTIM-R panels were also certified under the demanding BDA Agrément scheme. This independent certification is accepted by NHBC and the LABC and confirms that the products will perform as expected when installed to Kingspan Insulation’s recommendations which can help accelerate projects through the procedures and approvals process thus reducing project costs.

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