Hi-Viz Magazine

Engaging with the construction workforce, managers and visitors to sites

Hi-Viz was a freesheet magazine aimed towards the construction workforce, managers and visitors to Thameslink Programme work sites, distributed quarterly between 2013 and 2018. Formal written communications can often leave a workforce disengaged; Hi-Viz’ fun, tabloid-style aimed to cut through this – sharing important health and safety information in a more informal, easily digestible format.

Themes for each edition were set by Thameslink Programme’s Directors’ Health & Safety Steering Group. The first edition was published in May 2013 and the 25th and final in May 2018. Each edition reached 3,500 individuals. Circulation followed the freesheet method; copies were placed strategically in communal areas such as canteens and offices, to allow easy access, and to encourage each edition to be read by multiple people.

Qualitative feedback on Hi-Viz was sought by all Health & Safety Managers and Directors within Thameslink Programme and the supply-chain, and through culture surveys as part of the Healthy & Safety Culture Strategy. Feedback was always positive, and used to further tailor the format and content to its audiences.

The 25 editions of Hi-Viz aimed to share important health and safety information in an informal, easily digestible style


Hi-Viz feedback article

What do people think of Hi-Viz? How is it perceived? Does it actually add value? The team at Ifield Sub Station got together to discuss the magazine, its content and what they would like to see in the future.

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