Management Plan Poster - Relationships Map

All projects of this scale require a Management Plan but keeping the document live and updated can prove tricky.

Management Plan Poster

All projects and works undertaken require a Management Plan.  This is a basic requirement of ISO9001 which almost all organisations comply to. One common problem is that the Project Management Plan (PMP) is not kept “live”.

This is starkly apparent when compared with the Construction Project Plan (CPP) which tends to be regularly updated in response to developing project stages and new issues. At London Bridge Station Redevelopment, the PMP structure and the sub-plans were presented in a “poster/relationships map” that was prominent in the project offices.

This poster indicated:

  1. High level organisational relationships
  2. Senior team organisation and relationships / zipper
  3. Clear ownership of components of the Project Management Plan
  4. Full listing of sub-plans and project specific work instructions.

The poster attached below is offered to the reader as an example of best practice to keep the PMP in the eye-line of the project team. The format allows simple, fast review on a routine, (monthly) basis to update it in line with project progress and resulting issues.

Key recommendations:

  1. Develop the first draft of the poster on a white board in a workshop environment
  2. Engage as many people and delegate as many sub-plans as possible
  3. Coordinate ownership of sub-plans in line with the organogram part
  4. Highlight inter-organisational (e.g. client / contractor) relationships.


Project Management Plan Poster

Project: London Bridge