Operations Interface

Keeping London Bridge station open during demolition and reconstruction

One of the challenges of the Thameslink Programme was keeping London Bridge station open while the demolition and re-construction activities were taking place.

This required a lot of interface and consultation with stakeholders including the station management, train operating companies (TOCs), passengers, nearby businesses and residents. In this video interview, Janey Bell, Lead Development Manager discusses the importance of safety as part of this.

During the project lifecycle, the London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project (LBSR) team ensured that all works in station operational areas or works within one meter of a live operational asset have followed a strict control of contractor process for all construction activities.

The purpose of this lessons learnt case study is to capture the processes used, and to explain and document them for future knowledge transfer to other projects that may want to adapt these to their needs.

Case Study

Operations Interface

Project: London Bridge station

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