Project Systems

How using an integrated project delivery platform provided a single source of truth, aiding project delivery and increasing efficiency during the London Bridge station redevelopment

Across a typical programme or project there are often a wide range of software tools used. However, there are often not integrated project systems that provide consistent and coherent data in one place. This can result in individuals being left to their own devices to track and distribute data, leading to spreadsheets being sent back and forth with no revision management or consistent distribution. This environment inevitably leads to data inconsistencies, errors and lost information.

In 2014, the Thameslink Programme’s London Bridge Station Redevelopment team implemented a Cloud-based Commercial Administration platform to control this data which was later expanded to include various other disciplines such as: Project Delivery, Safety, Document Management and BIM/Asset Management. This case study reviews how using an integrated project delivery platform aided the project delivery and increased efficiency.

Case Study

Project Systems

Project: London Bridge

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