Scaffolding Innovation

This modern take on the regular scaffolding tag brought improvements to site safety, information sharing and a reduction in costs and paperwork.

Electronic scaffolding checks

SafeTime was a familiar system on the London Bridge Station Redevelopment project site. It used a simple electronic tag system that connected to scaffolding structures providing alerts when scaffolds were due for inspection.

Using an Android-powered device to scan the tags, information could be read or updated live on site including adding photos or extracting reports.

The system also notified users of high wind or bad weather warnings straight to their computers or hand-held devices while storing all the compulsory register details in the cloud. This allowed the project team to keep a check on things from anywhere and at any time.

With an additional licence and a few minutes of data-input the software was able to produce a simple drawing and check sheet for basic scaffolds which covered most of the structures erected on the site.

The London Bridge team were able to achieve a higher level of safety and cost efficiency using SafeTime and meet programme targets with high client satisfaction.

Key facts and figures:

  • Average of ten scaffold jobs per day; 10,000 jobs over the three years
  • 170 jobs on average to inspect each week
  • 200 ladders to inspect plus various pasma towers and podiums
  • The full scaffolding team consisted of 17 scaffolders plus three day shift apprentices.


SafeTime scaffolds on site

The attached images show some of the main types of scaffolds that were used on site.