Staging strategy

Storyboarding for the phased construction of London Bridge station took place earlier than normal for a major infrastructure project.

Works taking place during the London Bridge Station Redevelopment project required phased construction. As a result, during the site delivery phases, there were 11 unique station configurations commissioned and operated. Storyboarding of how the works would be phased – including but not limited to pedestrian routes, logistics area, lifting zones and safe routes – took place at an earlier stage of works than normal for a major infrastructure project, and with a higher level of detail.

The documents below provide an example of a comprehensive set of phasing plans. Future projects are advised to create a high level of detail early, for as many stakeholder aspects as possible.

Whole project team workshop sessions, held early in the project lifecycle, help to embed the phasing ‘master plan’ among everyone working on the project and provide the necessary incentive to keep them up to date.

Computer-generated 3D fly-through of the station and phasing