Encouraging open and honest safety conversations

Network Rail first introduced Safety Conversations as a way of encouraging managers to engage with their workforce about Health & Safety. They aimed to increase everyone’s understanding of where Health & Safety was being positively managed or where gaps existed, and improvements could be introduced. Thameslink Programme built on this strategy by expanding it to all staff regardless of their grade, re-naming it ‘Time2Talk’.

Time2Talk aimed to complement other safety processes and initiatives with the aim of promoting challenging, inquisitive conversations about safety with a view to improving safety performance and thus, aligned to our vision of ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’.

During 2017 and 2018, more than 4,500 Time2Talk conversations were recorded as having taken place.

A series of posters and videos were produced to reinforce the aims of Time2Talk.

Introduction to Time2Talk

The Thameslink Programme Safety Culture journey

A Time2Talk safety conversation example

The Time2Talk accident investigation process explained

Documents: Time2Talk Poster Campaign