Windpost and Concrete Lintels

The traditional method of using reinforcement windposts would have caused significant impacts on the cost and programme at London Bridge so an innovative alternative has to be found.

The challenges, methodology and logistics of installation at London Bridge station

The blockwork and brickwork walls at London Bridge needed to be heavily reinforced to resist the air-pressure and lateral forces expected within the station.

The traditional method of using wind-posts would have caused significant impacts on the cost and programme so an innovative alternative was found, known as the ‘Wi System’. By utilising the Wi System, Pyramid Builders Ltd eliminated the need for circa 800 steel wind-posts and 400 concrete pre-cast lintels. As well as cost and programme saving this also had fundamental health and safety advantages.

This case study reviews the key challenges, programme of works, methodology and logistics associated with the installation.

“The Wi System provided the project with some significant cost savings (well in excess of £500,000) and programme benefits over a traditional wind-post system which did away with steel to block interfaces, eliminating another trade and mitigating delay.

The Wi System is a clever and simple system that seems obvious when you think about it.”

Martyn Back
Chief Engineer, Costain, LBAP

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