Changes at London Bridge station

On Monday 31 March the first two new platforms (14 & 15) at London Bridge opened and work started on rebuilding the next two (12 & 13).

As a result, some services between Friday 28 March and early morning on Monday 31 March were affected.

Station changes

  • New platforms 14 and 15 opened for your use
  • Platforms 12 and 13 will remain closed for redevelopment until August 2014
  • Platforms 11, 14 and 15 are narrowed to allow work to continue behind the hoardings. It might take you longer to get off your train and pass through the gates during the morning rush hour/morning peak.
  • A new waiting area has been put in place between the ticket gates and the entrance to platform 15.
  • The footbridge over platforms is not accessible from platforms 11-15, but you will still be able to reach it from platforms 1-10.
  • A station map of the changes can be found here

Platform 15 waiting area

  • When the station is busy, passengers will be asked to wait in the waiting area or on the concourse while passengers from arriving trains alight and leave.
  • This will ensure passengers waiting to board the train can access/walk along the platform more easily.
  • We’ve timed how long it takes to walk along the platform and can reassure you that you won’t miss your train if you are asked to wait in this area.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility or with pushchairs should ask staff in the waiting area for help.

London Bridge station map June 2014 (PDF document)