Design Management

Design Management Case Studies

Construction Design Management

This case study demonstrates how CDM Regulations are implemented on a project the size of London Bridge station

Design Procurement & Management: London Bridge Station

How detailed design for London Bridge was procured and managed, and main design lessons learned during the London Bridge station redevelopment.

Designing Out Waste: Railway Systems

Reviewing the specific actions undertaken for Railway Systems projects to reduce waste in design and construction.

Designing Out Waste: Stations and Civils

Reviewing the identified actions undertaken to reduce waste during design and construction of all major Thameslink Programme station and civils projects.

Designing Out Waste: Thameslink Programme

How Thameslink Programme used its power as client to set and raise the performance of the programme and its supply chain to reduce waste.

Designing Out Waste: London Bridge station

Collaboratively challenging the design and construction process to reduce waste during the redevelopment of London Bridge station.

Accessibility and Inclusion: London Bridge Station

London Bridge station has been designed to be inclusive and accessible for all users, including people with special mobility, visual, cognitive and hearing requirements. This case study showcases our achievements and lessons learned.

Door Design, Procurement & Installation: London Bridge station

The challenge of doors in large operational project at London Bridge station

Logistics Planning: London Bridge Station

Overcoming the logistics planning challenges during the redevelopment of London Bridge station

Requirements Management: London Bridge Station

This case study looks at scope hierarchy and assurance reporting during the LBSR project. It also shares requirements management best practice, lessons learned and key recommendations for future infrastructure projects.

Sub-Contractor Technical Interface Review (STIR): London Bridge Station

A three-stage process to ensure physical interfaces were allocated, coordinated and completed correctly first time on site by subcontractors during the London Bridge Station Redevelopment project.

Cable Management Sleepers

Developing a new design of cable manager sleeper, reducing the need for under track crossings, led to a significant cost saving for Thameslink Programme.

Design & Execution Strategy: London Bridge Station

Reviewing the design and execution strategy including: Concourse & Bridges, Canopies & Platforms, Facades, Quadripartite Arcade and Arches.

As-Built Information Delivery: London Bridge Station

Recommendations for future projects to improve the planning, management and delivery of as-built information during the close out phase

Mock Up: London Bridge Station

James Elford, London Bridge Project Director, Costain discusses the benefits of using scale or full size models to demonstrate the design, aesthetics and materials used on elements of the project.

Design Management and Lessons Learnt Documents

Delivering Thameslink: Major Project Report

Published by New Civil Engineer in September 2010, this report detailed the forthcoming Thameslink route, major station upgrades and benefits.