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Continuously improving safety culture

Sharing good practice and lessons learned

A wealth of valuable insight has been gathered that was used to develop improvement initiatives for Thameslink Programme but that are also of relevance to projects and organisations of all sizes. They include responses to incidents, establishing performance criteria, conducting assessments and organising pro-active Health & Safety initiatives. Above all, the insights that were gathered aimed to ensure that Thameslink Programme’s everyone home safe every day strategy was realised and that the safety culture of the organisation continuously improved.

The Health and Safety Improvement learning legacy shares a comprehensive series of best practice guides and lessons learned case studies, produced throughout Thameslink Programme.

Best Practice Guides

During Key Output 1 Network Rail’s Health & Safety team, with input from key suppliers, produced learning on a periodic basis. It was shared across Thameslink Programme across teams so that each could see what was being done to promote safe working. During Key Output 2, a series of Best Practice Guides were produced in collaboration with contractors and other industry specialist bodies. The guides were produced in response to specific project activities and were aimed at raising health and safety standards through the sharing of knowledge and experience of the companies working on the programme. During the latter stages of Key Output 2, a summary of good practice on Thameslink Programme was also documented.

Lessons Learned Case Studies

During Key Output 1 projects across Thameslink Programme and their suppliers collaborated to systematically review issues as they occurred. A key lesson during this period, and example of the approach, focused upon working at height. As Key Output 1 ended, a series of workshops were held to better understand the lessons that could be learned for Key Output 2. From this point onwards, a Significant Event Process was adopted which documented each event, its underlying causes and key resulting messages in a series of Lessons Learned Case Studies.

Best Practice Guides

Good practice during Key Output 1

Good safety practice on Thameslink Programme

A summary of good practice on Thameslink Programme, compiled in the latter stages of Key Output 1.

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Lessons Learned Documents