Computer Aided Design

The Thameslink Programme CAD Services Team manages the Electronic CAD Management System (ECMS). This is a secure and collaborative information environment provided by Thameslink Programme for use by contractors and designers. The approach is unique for major projects but enables the creation of a comprehensive ‘single source of truth’ CAD model that can be shared across multiple users. This ensures consistent CAD standards across all designs and a uniformity of solutions, and allows proper 3D design model coordination across different design disciplines with over 25 organisations and 450 users at any one time.

Case Studies

Low Level 09 Signal Sighting Model

How survey data, 3D track data and 3D signals were used to provide a comprehensive data set for signal sighting.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

How Thameslink Programme implemented BIM from 2016 onwards, including the adoption of a common data environment and managing 3D data capture and presentation

As-Built Information Delivery: London Bridge Station

Recommendations for future projects to improve the planning, management and delivery of as-built information during the close out phase