Benefits Realisation

Providing value for money for taxpayers and benefitting passengers

In March 2018, the Department for Transport (DfT) published the Thameslink Programme Baseline Evaluation Study. This study will allow the DfT to evaluate the programme on its completion, to ensure that it is providing value for money for taxpayers and benefitting passengers.

The evaluation of the Thameslink Programme forms part of the DfT’s Monitoring and Evaluation Programme, intended to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the Department’s major programmes in achieving their anticipated outcomes. The report sets the key targets to enable the DfT to do that, as well as looking at some early impacts of the programme.

The data in the report is primarily pre-2013 and features data on rail performance, train capacity, and National Rail Passenger Survey figures on passenger satisfaction with trains and stations.


Thameslink Programme Evaluation: Baseline Report

Department for Transport

March 2018