Thameslink Resilience Programme

Ensuring the smooth introduction of new Thameslink services

The Thameslink Resilience Programme

To ensure a smooth introduction of the new Thameslink services, Network Rail delivered a programme to boost the resilience and reliability of the railway along the Brighton Main Line and other key routes both north and south of the Thameslink ‘core’ through central London.

Using a data-driven approach, Network Rail targeted areas where the most significant asset-related delays were originating, turning delay hotspots into more resilient infrastructure.

Work included:

  • Replacing tracks and signalling and renewing key junctions

  • Improving security by the railway to help prevent trespass

  • Improving drainage in Victorian tunnels to prevent water damage to electrical equipment

  • Shoring up cuttings and embankments to reduce the risk of landslides.

Network Rail created a series of work packages which would bring together all necessary asset improvement works required on each section of railway so they could be delivered within an integrated programme. This ‘go there once’ approach meant funds were spent in the most cost-effective way and minimised overall disruption to passengers.

Thameslink Resilience Programme film

This film looks at some of the key achievements and highlights the ongoing reliability benefits to passengers and maintenance teams of the Thameslink Resilience Programme work.

Case Studies

Operational Readiness: London Bridge Station

How the lessons learned from previous major projects, alignment of the project programme and reorganisation of the project development team helped contribute towards a successful operational readiness programme at London Bridge station.

Operational Readiness: Infrastructure Works

How a collaborative rail industry approach prevented passenger disruption during the completion of the London Bridge station infrastructure works.

Training & Familiarisation

This case study details the stages that the London Bridge teams went through at the final stages of training and familiarisation.

ETCS Testing – Thameslink Core Area

ETCS testing took place during mid-week nights through the Thameslink Core Area, while adjacent lines were open to service traffic, in preparation for ATO to be enabled.

Operational Readiness: New timetable introduction

Ensuring colleagues across the rail industry were aware of the new Thameslink timetable ahead of its introduction in May 2018.