New Thameslink franchise announced

New Thameslink franchise announced

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced the scope for the new Thameslink franchise from September 2013.

The expanded franchise will encompass First Capital Connect, Southeastern and Southern services as follows:

From 2013: all current First Capital Connect services will join the new franchise (therefore King’s Lynn, Wimbledon Loop and Northern City Line services plus all other Thameslink and Great Northern route services will remain in the new franchise).

Between April and December 2014: joint FCC-Southeastern services will join the franchise. Some other Southeastern services may also be transferred to enable Thameslink Programme works to be completed.

Between July 2014 and July 2017: all Southern services will join the franchise.

How long will the new franchise be and what will it deliver?

The new franchise will operate for at least seven years, until 2020, with the potential for the Government to extend it for up to two further years. During this time it will deliver the remaining Thameslink Programme infrastructure works, the new generation trains, the new train control systems through central London and the future Thameslink timetable of 2018.

Which stations will be served by the future Thameslink timetable of 2018?

Although the new franchise from 2013 will include the services such as those that operate on the Wimbledon/Sutton loop, the Government has not yet specified which routes will be linked to the future Thameslink timetable that comes into force in 2018 and receive the new Thameslink trains. This will be determined following a period of consultation by the Department for Transport in 2012.